Denim has been on an epic journey from proletariat workwear to Jean-Paul Gaultier bridal gown (pictured!). But it’s the extreme denim we really love. The denim that emerged at that moment when a $1000 pair of Cavalli jeans or a $10,000 pair of Dior jeans seemed like an attainable goal, and not a good reason to occupy Wall Street. Those days are gone, but we will archive that fashion memory. Until those days come again. Or the revolution comes first. Whichever, but in the meantime get it in a print: jeggings. #VFILESDATA

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Christian Dior Spring 2015 Couture


We’re currently obsessing over Raf Simons’ Dior 2015 Spring Couture show.

Raf is so good at referencing eras and other designers (in this instance the ’60s space age look popularized by André Courrèges & Pierre Cardin and Kansai Yamamoto’s graphic jumpsuits) but he’s not all annoying about it. Without running into historical cliches, this show actually looks modern and relevant. The printed rubber dusters are MAJOR (we’re all for rubber in a couture show), and the use of color is unrivaled. ALL HAIL RAF!

See the full show here.


A personal favorite of Miley, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, meet the man who’s taking sequins to the extreme and defining a genre of fashion that’s his very own — it’s no coincidence he’s earned the title “King of Sequins” since appearing on the London fashion scene in 2011. Watch his episode of VFILES PRESENTS and for more Ashish follow!