We’re proud to announce a special partnership with ALDO, joining their fight against HIV/AIDS. As part of ALDO’s ongoing #FriendsFight fundraising and awareness campaign, we’re releasing a collection of bracelets symbolizing friendship and unity. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Partners In Health, a non-profit organization whose groundbreaking initiatives against AIDS continue to revolutionize the way the world approaches and funds diseases in developing countries.
“The fashion community has lost so many special people to this disease and it only makes sense that we, VFILES, speak up and support any opportunity to continue the fight for a cure. ALDO has been a pioneering supporter of the HIV/AIDS search for a cure since the very early days and VFILES is proud to be a part of that continued passion and support.” – Julie Anne Quay, VFILES Founder
We also invited our friends and family at VFILES to discuss a time they fought for their BFF — Check them out below! ❤